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The Natural Resources contributes to the promotion of a diverse economy by stimulating economic growth through the responsible use of our natural resources—water, ocean, land, minerals and aggregates. The Division also supports the protection of the environment by ensuring sustainable management of our natural resources and by supporting responsible development. The Division is committed to delivering quality frontline services by providing responsive and integrated services.


Water Resources Investigation, Quality Testing, Flood & Drought Mitigation and Integrated Water Resources

  • Monitoring the quality of water resources.
  • Hydrological and Hydrological Surveys.
  • Flood and Drought analysis and forecasting and Mitigations.
  • Development of Integrated Water Resources Management Plans per community.


Coastal Mapping and Resource Investigation, Inundation Modelling and Erosion Mitigation and Integrated Coastal Area Management.

  • Monitoring and Advise the Public on the status of coastal shorelines.
  • Monitoring the status of quarry development.
  • Monitoring the status of offshore sand extraction.
  • Establish Integrated Coastal Area Management per community.


Offshore Resource Investigation for Seabed Minerals, Petroleum, and Development of the Maritime Boundaries and Integrated Oceans Management.

  • Evaluation of Application and Granting of License and Permits.
  • Management of Offshore Resources Data Information Source.
  • Development of the Maritime Boundaries of the Kingdom of Tonga.
  • Public Awareness Programs.
  • Advance the profile and mandate of Oceans and Maritime Affairs.

Monitor, Investigate and Mitigate Impacts of Geo-hazards Activities.

  • Advise the public on the status of the earthquakes and volcanism in the region.
  • Advise relevant agencies upon significant earthquake events with potential tsunami threats.
  • Conduct hazard risk assessments and response per hazard per community.
  • Production of geo-hazard maps per community and awareness programs.
  • Data Management and Archive of Geo-hazards events in the Kingdom.

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